What happens after I submit an article?

We are so glad you asked! Choosing to republish or publish an article with eLearning Industry offers you many benefits, from increasing your brand awareness and website traffic to getting more out of your content investment. To help you do this, our team of experts reviews and refines your article to increase its content and SEO value. Below is a breakdown of exactly what we do.

After Submission, Our:

  • HEAD EDITOR will review your article for publication, making sure that everything is relevant and suitable for our audience and confirming that your article follows all of eLearning Industry’s submission guidelines.
  • EDITORIAL TEAM will format your text in accordance with eLearning Industry’s style. They will proofread/edit your article (if needed) for clarity, grammar, and syntax, making small adjustments (again, if needed) to increase the readability of the text (adding subheadings, breaking down the text into shorter paragraph sentences, etc.). Lastly, they will add/change a featured image. (Featured images will only remain if they follow our image guidelines.)
  • SEO TEAM will increase the SEO value of your article by adding a focus keyword/keyphrase, adjusting the subtitle (if needed), creating a unique URL for the article, and, finally, writing a unique meta description for your specific article. Please keep in mind that, if you choose to republish an article, the original source will be automatically referenced using a canonical URL.