What are the guidelines for original articles?

What Content to Publish

We Are Interested in eLearning Articles About the Following Topics:

  • Learning Theories
  • Learning Solutions/Methods
  • Instructional Design
  • Online Education
  • Learning & Development Strategies
  • Workforce Development
  • Leadership Development
  • HR Management
  • Learning Technologies
  • Learning Analytics

Check out our Categories to get a more detailed overview of the type of content we are interested in.

We Do Not Accept:

  • Articles with product listings
  • Product-specific articles (we consider these as Press Releases)
  • Academic Papers (full or partial text)
  • White papers/Business reports

Keep in mind that the purpose of publishing with eLearning Industry is, first, to establish a strong bond between you and your audience, then to educate them and finally, to promote your products, services, or company.

We Expect Our Clients To:

  • Complete a Public Author Profile. Your profile must include a professional, personal photo (no company logos, etc.), a link to your personal LinkedIn account, and a brief description of your job role.
  • Be the copyright owner of the submitted article. All articles will be scanned for duplicate content. Those articles exhibiting plagiarism will NOT be published. You maintain the right to republish the article on your website/blog ten (10) business days AFTER publication, provided that you mention that the article was first published on eLearning Industry with a link to the URL of the original source.
  • Submit an article written in proper English. We ONLY accept articles written in English. Our Editorial Team reviews articles but does not rewrite content, especially in regard to republished articles. We reserve the right to NOT publish an article if it contains too many grammatical and syntax errors, as this hinders reading comprehension.
  • Choose a Publication Date and submit an article at least 8 business days before the selected publication date.
  • Submit an article within the predefined word range. The ideal length is between 1000-1500 words. The content must be broken down into sections, each marked by a subheading to enhance the legibility of the article.
  • Add only ONE backlink per 350 words. Links to additional sources may be listed below as references and referenced by number in the article. (No backlinks to eBooks or webinars are permitted unless published on eLearning Industry.)
  • Not include CTAs, such as “Get a Quote,” “Contact Us,” “Get An Offer,” “Book A Call” or “Download A Free Trial/Demo."

Note: eLearning Industry retains the right to no-index a client’s sponsored article if it starts competing with the website’s non-sponsored content in organic search 6 months after its launch date. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Product Manager of Sponsored Articles.