How do I upload my original article?

Please take a look at our Original Article guidelines before you submit your article to ensure that your article is up to code! 

Step 1: Book your Publication Date. Log in to your eLearning Industry account, go to your Dashboard, choose Portfolio, and select Book a Date.

Step 2: Select Articles from your Dashboard, click Add New to create your article. Select your date.

  • Write the title of your article (Max 75 characters)
  • Choose a Category for your article
  • Click Add Article

  Step 3: Use the Editor to create your article. Please make sure the following fields are completed:

  • Summary: Add a summary to briefly describe what your article is about. This short paragraph is your “teaser content” and it will appear directly below your article title and above the featured image.
  • Featured Image (optional):
    • Image size: 820x420 px (max 1MB)
    • Save image as .jpg
    • Add Image Attribution (please provide us with the image credits AND the copyright license if you are not the copyright owner. If you are the copyright owner of the image, please send an email to the Product Manager of Sponsored Articles, confirming this fact.)

Note: If you choose NOT to include an image and leave this field empty, we will choose an image for you. If you choose to submit an image, please check out our multimedia guidelines to have an idea about the general style of images we publish.

  • Write Your Article: Either write your article directly in the text-editor or copy and paste your article into the respective field. (The ideal length is between 1000-1500 words.)

Note: If you choose to add in-text images, you must either be the copyright owner of the images or be able to provide us with the image credits and copyright license. To do this, please send an email confirming you are the copyright owner or provide the copyright license and image credits to the PM of Sponsored Articles.

  • Tick the checkbox to confirm that you are the copyright owner of the article and the included images.
  • Connect to your Twitter account (optional)
    • Connect your eLearning Industry account with Twitter if you would like us to automatically notify your network when your post is published

Note: eLearning Industry will never post or tweet anything to your account without your permission. You may disconnect anytime your wish. To do so, go to your Profile, click on Connected Accounts, and click Disconnect.

Step 4: Submit Your Article for Review

  • Check your submission progress bar located on the top left to “See What Is Missing” at any time to see which sections are incomplete. Once you have reached 100%, click Submit For Review.

Step 5: Create a Public Author Profile (if you have not done so already)

  • Go to your Dashboard, select Profile, and then click Edit Public Profile.
  • Add the following information (required):
    • Professional, personal photo (no company logos, etc.)
    • Link to personal LinkedIn account
    • Brief description of your job role
    • Company name

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Product Manager of Sponsored Articles, who is here to guide you every step of the way.