What are the guidelines for exclusive C. Pappas articles?

  • All Exclusive C. Pappas Articles are approximately 1000 words and contain a title, introductory paragraph, main body, focus keyword, suggested URL, and a meta description.
  • They are original, meaning they haven’t been published before on eLearning Industry or any other website/blog, although their topic can be similar to older articles.
  • They include 4 links, 3 internal links to your blog, and 1 external link to eLearning Industry.
  • They are edited by our editorial team and they are fully optimized according to SEO best practices by our SEO experts.
  • They are sent to you in Word format.
  • They are opinion-based and do not show any favoritism to any specific vendor/product, or compare different vendors/products.
  • They must be published exactly as they are sent to you. Any changes must be approved by Christopher Pappas before your article(s) is published on your website.