What eLI expects from clients to do

  • Complete a Public Author Profile. Your profile must include a professional, personal photo (no company logos, etc.), a link to your personal LinkedIn account, and a brief description of your job role.
  • Be the copyright owner of the Republished Article. The author of the Republished Article must be the same as the author on eLearning Industry OR there must be no author listed on the original source.
  • Submit an article written in proper English. We ONLY accept articles written in English. Our Editorial Team reviews articles but does not rewrite content, especially in regard to republished articles. We reserve the right to NOT publish an article if it contains too many grammatical and syntax errors, as this hinders reading comprehension.
  • Choose a Publication Date and submit an article at least 5 business days before the selected publication date.
  • Submit an article within the predefined word range. A Republished Article must be at least 700 words and not exceed 2500 words. However, the ideal length is between 1000-1500 words.
  • Provide the copyright license or be the copyright owner of all images (in-text and featured) submitted along with their article. To submit image credits and copyright license for in-text images, please send an email to the Product Manager of Sponsored Articles.
  • Add only ONE backlink per 350 words. All backlinks are rel= “no-follow.” (Links to additional sources may be listed below as references, and referenced by number in the article).
  • Not include CTAs, such as “Get a Quote,” “Contact Us,” “Get An Offer,” “Book A Call” or “Download A Free Trial/Demo."