Why do I see a broken link on my PPC Campaign?

There might be times when someone will click your PPC directory listing multiple times within a day. In order to avoid this sort of abuse, we only charge you for the 1st time the user clicks in a 24-hour period.

In our constant effort to safeguard your interests, we also perform regular tests and audits on all PPC campaigns. Our team analyzes all PPC-related activities, such as the number of clicks, conversions, and sources of traffic to proactively prevent any suspicious activity on your account.

In case you see a broken link on your PPC Campaign, you have most probably bumped into our fraud prevention tool for PPC Campaigns.

In other words:

  • Your IP might be blacklisted
  • You might be using a proxy/ad-blocker or VPN service
  • You may have clicked multiple times at the Visit Website button, and our anti-fraud tool perceived this traffic as suspicious.

Our team reassures you that you are not charged for clicks that end up on the “Not Found” page and also that your PPC Campaign works perfectly fine and redirects users to your LP. We would highly recommend giving it a try from a different IP address to see for yourself. Your Account Manager is always here to help should you need any further assistance.