Gamification guide

eLearning Industry is launching a major gamification update, bringing new elements to the User Experience. This new update will enable all of our users to earn levels, badges, and other virtual rewards by participating in various activities available on our platform.

eLearning Industry: Serious About Gamification

You can earn badges by creating content, interacting with it, and even by being a little bit keener on exploration than the average user. The gamification features are very easy to use. When you do any task that awards a badge, that badge is automatically added to your account.

This gamification guide will walk you through the process.

The eLearning Industry Badges

There are dozens of different badges waiting for you to earn them. For example, are you an expert on a very specific subject? There is a badge for that. Are you one of our oldest members, that has been steadily providing quality content? There's a badge for that. Have you found some of the secret corners of our website that most users never get to see? You guessed it, there's even a badge for that.

Let us just highlight one important thing. The badges aren't there to make our users compete with each other. It's our way of saying "thank you" to the people who support our platform. Even a single article has a strong, permanent effect on our community.

When someone visits your profile, they will be able to see all the badges you have earned so far and the full description of what achievements they represent. This way, even a reader that reads one of your articles for the first time will be able to have a well-rounded idea about the things you usually write about.

Rising Star

Rising Star

The Rising Star Badge is the first badge most authors will probably earn. All you need in order to acquire this is to complete your profile and publish your first article.

Topic Specialist

Topic SpecialistWe accept submissions by all the professionals in the eLearning world as long as the articles are relevant to our audience. That being said, we wanted a way to reward authors who specialize in a certain field, and that's how we came up with the Specialist Badge. You earn this badge by having 5 published submissions under your name on the same topic.

Topic Authority

Topic Authority

An upgraded form of the Topic Specialist Badge, Topic Authority further rewards dedication to a single aspect of the L&D file. It is earned by having 10 published articles on the same topic.


ExpertWe want every author in eLearning Industry to experience a journey of growth. As your content grows, so does your audience and the impact your knowledge has on other people's lives. The Expert Badge is awarded after the publication of an author's fifth article.


Master mindThe title of this badge might be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but make no mistake, earning it is no laughing matter. In order to conquer this badge, an author has to have 10 published articles but also own at least one Editor's Choice Badge and one Specialist Badge.

Thought Leader

Thought LeaderThe coveted Thought Leader Badge is reserved only for those who have shown the highest persistence in their endeavors. The number of required published articles is increased to 20, along with 2 Editor's Choice Awards and at least 2 Specialist Badges.


LegendThis badge is truly legendary. This is the Holy Grail of eLearning Industry badges, an ever-elusive award shrouded in speculation and rumor. The Legend Badge requires no less than 30 published submissions, 3 Editorial's Choice Awards, 1 Topic Specialist Badges, 1 Topic Authority Badge, and 1 more Specialist or Authority Badge.

Editor's Choice

Editors' choiceThe Editor's Choice Badge is awarded to the articles that earn an Editor's Choice Award. Each article that is submitted to us is reviewed by our editorial team. The ones that truly stand out in terms of quality, originality, use of the language, and structure are hand-picked by our editor-in-chief and voted by all members of our editorial team.



The Advocate is a special badge that is awarded to those who promote ideas that benefit humanity, such as justice, equality, and making the world a better place, through their work and articles.

Years (X)


This badge celebrates the authors who have been with us for more than a year. You get one instance of this badge for each year you have been a member of eLearning Industry.

Easter Egg Badges

But that's not all though. There are still many more badges for you to discover. Some will be implemented in the future, some will be there from the very beginning but secret.

The eLearning Industry Leveling System

Each time you post a new article or interact with an existing one, you will earn some experience points. Earn enough of them, and you will gain a level! Levels are a symbol of author seniority within our community, with the veterans being at the highest levels. You can have a rough understanding of how many points you need to the next level by looking at the Experience Progression bar, around your profile picture, or on your author page.


You will also be able to appear on two different leaderboards, the "Articles Of The Month" and the "Hall Of Fame".

Articles Of The Month

Each month, the readers of our website will be able to vote for their favorite article among those published the month before. These articles will be featured on our Article Of The Month leaderboard, giving access to unique badges available during that month only.

Hall Of Fame

The Hall Of Fame leaderboard ranks out authors according to the points they have gained during the last six months. This leaderboard updates automatically at the end of each month and has its top positions connected with leaderboard badges. And the best part is, you don't lose a badge if you lose that position!

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