What are the guidelines for inserting an image in my article

Adding images to your articles is a great way to increase reader engagement! However, before you add images to your articles, please take a look at our image guidelines to make sure your images are suitable for our audience and will not be replaced by our editors upon review.

Image Resolution Size

  • Image size: 820x460 px (max 1MB)
  • Save image as .jpg/jpeg

Make Sure Your Images Are Relevant To Your Topic

Does the image capture the essence of your topic? Does the image add value to your article? Adding images to your articles is great, but if they add no real value, they can be a distraction. Make sure your images enrich your article, and that they don’t take away from the message you’re trying to convey. 

Visual Style 

  • Keep your visuals simple and clean. Clutter, complicated, and/or too abstract visuals are distracting and take away from your content. 
  • Avoid any text (save for graphs, etc.) logos, website domains, social media icons, etc. on your image. 
  • Avoid images of outdated aesthetic (e.g., a poorly lit office with huge computers)
  • Portray moments that are emotionally relatable to your audience.

How To Legally Add An Image To Your Article

As the requirements for using a Creative Commons image greatly vary depending on the owner of the image, we do not accept images under a CC license. All images will be removed from articles unless an image license is provided.

*Please note that we reserve the right to remove any images that do not align with our style guide or that we feel do not add value to the content.