How do I complete the webinar description?

In this field, you need to add a brief of your webinar. It is optimal to break this brief in 2 parts:

  • In the first part, you need to provide a description of your webinar subject. This means you need to analyze what your subject is and why it is important for potential registrants to know more about it.
  • In the second part, you need to share your webinar objectives with the users. In other words, please mention in bullets what users will learn by attending your event.

Here is an example of a Webinar Description structure:

Webinar description

Here are some good tips to optimize your webinar description:

  • Write a catchy title
  • Include keywords in your title
  • Make sure to include keywords and write at least 250 words
  • Repeat the keywords you use in your description 4-6 times

When you submit your form, we will copyright and edit—if required—your webinar description in order to optimize it SEO-wisely. This way, we ensure that your webinar marketing is more effective and targeted toward the eLearning audience.