What’s the process of a 360 Inbound Marketing campaign?

The process is as follows: 

Step 1: Client Briefing

Step 2: SEO Report & Analysis by eLI SEO Experts

(identifying top keywords, sharing ebook & webinar title suggestions etc.)

Step 3: eBook outline form submission by the client to give more insights.

Step 4: eLI SEO Experts proceed to create your Editorial Calendar

Step 5: After you confirm the final titles (eBook, webinar, articles) you can start creating your content.

Step 6: Our eBook PM will assist you with the publication of your eBook and the respective articles. 

Step 7: Our Webinar PM will assist you with the preparation and presentation of your webinar. 

Step 8: eLI Marketing Team will take all the appropriate actions to promote your assets. 

Step 9: You will regularly check your lead collection in our backend.

Step 10: You have to focus on lead nurturing your fresh leads.